Sometimes I just don't want to listen. Sometimes the back ground noise of life mutes what God wants to say. Sometimes, though my ears are open and I hear God in the most interesting ways and places.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slowly Slowly Praying

Prayer has become a mystery over the years to me.  So I thought this morning should I just slow down?  Should I say less audibly and let heart issues sit silently?

I've used books on praying the hours.

I've read Richard Foster's wonderful book on prayer.

The scriptures are sprinkled all the way through with wonderful prayers of priests, prophets, kings, and women who knew their own hearts well.

I've tried praying the orthodox Jesus prayer over and over.
Of course Jesus himself went to the lonely places to pray and one time got a little perturbed at his disciples that they couldn't watch and pray for even an hour...they fell asleep.  I've fallen asleep as well at times.  I don't think Jesus meant for me to look at my watch while I pray.

So why is it I find prayer such a struggle?

Why do I practice the absense of God so often?

Is it really possible to pray without ceasing?

It's a two way commune some say...

So sometimes I just listen.


  1. Jerry! I didn't know you had another place :). Of course, I love your lyrical self, but this place feels cozy. I like the idea of listening as a playdate with God. I really believe He likes us to open ourselves to the possibilities in him. Listening is important along that vein. I have been learning about centering prayer, practicing. It takes a mental shift for me--this one who always has a dialogue going in my head.

    Listening is good. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by...This site is more spiritual in nature...A processing point of sorts .